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    The lawyers in our group are involved, according to their competencies, in multiple legal activities, both of contentious and of non-contentious litigations, as well as counseling and conciliation based on customer requests, and after thorough analysis of each case.

    Mainly the lawyers in our group are specialized in:
  • customer representation services – representing both individuals and legal entities before courts and arbitration courts
  • consulting services offered to companies

    Other services consist of:
  • oral or written legal advice
  • drafting of requests, actions, deeds and contracts, attestation identity of the signatory, of the contents and date of documents
  • pre-litigation conciliation
  • formalities related to the establishment and operation of companies, associations and foundations, and about changing their articles of incorporation
  • establishing temporary headquarters at the office of the law firm in the conditions permitted by law
  • assistance and representation of clients before the prosecution,
  • assistance and representation of clients before notaries public, bailiffs, public administration bodies and institutions and to other legal entities
  • defending and representing the rights and interests of clients in their relations with public authorities, institutions and any Romanian or foreign person
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